Airport Pots

The original intention of our development and production of the Airport Pots is to solve the problem of uncomfortable business trip and provide a moment of personal relaxation at the airport

Airport Pots.

Provide you with an exclusive waiting massage chair in a crowded airport, which combines the essence of technology and high-end configuration

Air Circulating Fans

Keep you unobstructed air circulation

Rolling Door Curtain

protect personal privacy in space

Touch Control panel

Sensitive to touch, enjoy intelligence

Reading Light

Enjoy personal reading time and protect eyesight

Foldable Laptop Table

Foldable small table supports your business work

Vanity Mirror

LED backlight, Help you maintain a clean appearance

Small Circle Window

While enjoying your personal space, you can also pay attention to the information outside the window

ABS fire resistant materials

Safe and odor-free high-grade materials, use with confidence

Product Display

This airport cabin not only provides you with a private leisure space while waiting for the flight, but also takes into account the massage function and the intelligent control panel to charge and escort your mobile phone. At the same time, the small table board facilitates your work. You provide unobstructed fresh air

It is worth providing this relaxing massage cabin for your airport customers

Airport Business Pots

Fashionable appearance, whether it’s taking a photo at the airport or just enjoying a moment of personal time is a good choice

Airport Pots

It’s time to make a very trendy choice

Performance Overview

Basic equipment and unique features of the space capsule

airport business pods_control panel_100013_p2

Touch screen panel

Card power, earphone headset, Headphone jack, background light, time setting

airport business pods_leather fabric_100013_p3

Leather massage chair

The seat can be adjusted according to the remote control, and a comfortable massage mode can be selected

airport business pots_window_fan_100013_p1

Air Circulating Fans

Keep the air open, with small round windows, rolling curtains, simple personality

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Strong productivity

500 units per month,Select high-quality metal steel and environmentally friendly flame-retardant ABS materials to provide your customers with a safe and quiet rest space

Customized Order

We can meet your various customization needs, personalize and add configuration accessories to create your own space capsule

Our Goal

With the most suitable materials, the most professional technology, and the best team, we will provide you with the latest and highest-end products