Aluminum Houses

About Aluminum Houses container design, we can customize outdoor aluminum house products of different sizes according to the needs of customers.


Which specializes in high end R&D, production, installation, marketing , system development of doors and windows, promotion, application , and service of the door and window curtain wall enterprise.

Sound Insulation

Super silent effect, you can hear your own breathing


Comes with intelligent ventilation system, fresh air, anytime, anywhere


Comes with comfortable and soft lighting inside

110-220 V Power

Meet basic voltage standards

Our Main Products


Aluminum House

Single cabin, double cabin and quad cabin can be purchased according to your venue and needs

Aluminum House

Three cabins, free choice

Multiple Application Scenarios


silence booth for business talk

Aluminum House

silence booth for reception

Aluminum House

silence booth in Lobby

Aluminum House

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Strong productivity

500 units per month´╝îSelect high-quality metal steel and environmentally friendly flame-retardant ABS materials to provide your customers with a safe and quiet rest space

Customized Order

We can meet your various customization needs, personalize and add configuration accessories to create your own space capsule

Our Goal

With the most suitable materials, the most professional technology, and the best team, we will provide you with the latest and highest-end products